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When was the last time your organisation reviewed its fundraising strategy? Many fundraisers are so focused on fundraising performance, they lose sight of the bigger picture: and that’s the strategic direction of their overall fundraising program.

An SCG Precision Review will interrogate and analyse all aspects of your fundraising program, with a focus on three key components:

1. Where are you now?

2. Where do you want to be?

3. How will you get there?

Where you are now is arguably the most crucial stage of the review process. After all, without a thorough understanding of your organisation’s current position and challenges, it will be difficult to identify opportunities for future growth. The Fundraising Review also assesses all factors that might impact on your organisation’s ability to raise funds: both internal and external pressures.

The Fundraising Review takes a detailed look at:

• past and current performance of fundraising activities

• Internal systems and processes, and

• the resources (staff and budget) available.

In the initial phase of the review will assess the internal environment, existing

infrastructure and fundraising systems and processes. This is the critical first step in understanding key aspects of your specific fundraising program and environment, and the current state of your donor relationships.

This phase of the review will incorporate interviews with key stakeholders and a deep dive into recent campaign performances to assess:

• The effectiveness of each fundraising stream

• Your donor communications

• Messaging to new and existing supporters

• How donor-centric are the communications and asks

• Acquisition channels and performance

• How each activity is evaluated

• Upgrading of existing supporters

• How middle and major donors are treated

• How planning and strategy is developed

• Opportunities and threats facing the organisation

• Strengths and weaknesses of the fundraising program and team

Following the intensive review phase, you will receive a detailed report which will include key recommendations for the future growth of your organisation’s fundraising income.

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