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Our I.T gurus


Our IT team are leaders in their field with expert knowledge

of data analysis and processing across the Direct Mail and digital space. 

Led by Aasmas Khan, our IT gurus thrive on designing and developing systems that employ leading technology to streamline processes. 

Whether its drilling down on a client’s database for optimum segmentation or developing next-generation Digital Marketing

& Automation tools, Precision’s IT team will help you maximise the potential of your data.

From top to bottom: 

Aasma Khan Senior Programmer 

Jasmine Vo Senior Programmer & Account Manager

Jasreen Ghuman IT Programmer


Get in touch

Will be in touch soon!

How you can contact us:

​Precision Group Australia

26-28 Scammel Street,

Campbellfield, Melbourne,

Victoria, Australia, 3061

+61 3 9462 1774

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