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About us

SCG Precision's vision extends beyond our own expectation; you see, we recognise that we are fulfilling a vital part of our clients offer to market. It is our goal to ensure your customers continue to engage with your business. We strongly believe our success is due to our clients success.

We are a privately held family business, comprising of marketing experts and production specialists, who objective is to provide a high level of consistent communication for our clients.

Having built a close-knit team, from management through to the production floor, it has ensured our clients expectation of quality and timing are continually exceeded as we all work towards a common goal. Long standing working relationships means you have access to wealth of industry knowledge, with a combined total of over 85 years experience amongst the directors alone.

Our journey


A mail-house was born


From our humble beginnings we dreamed big. To provide the best direct mail services in Australia. Located in Thomastown, Melbourne.


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